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Tranquility House Delray Beach

Our homes are fully furnished and in a safe environment. We are located near downtown Delray, public transportation, and daily AA/NA meetings.

  • Internet/Cable
  • All utilities
  • Washer/Dryer
  • Paper Goods
  • Linens & Kitchenware
  • Cleaning supplies

Never alone! Helping women build a life worth living

We provide residential supervision, weekly community meetings and drug screenings
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On-site Manager

An on-site manager helps residents with day-to-day issues. The on-site manager is there to help with conflict resolution, sober living adjustments, daily activities, and administration. The on-site manager is there to make sure everyone has what they need to make living at Tranquility House a good experience and a growth opportunity.

Regular And Random Drug Testing And Daily Breathalyzers

Regular and random drug testing keeps everybody honest. When you are living in a sober home, it is essential that you not use drugs or alcohol. Accountability is an important part of sobriety. Drug testing and daily breathalyzers are in the best interest of all the residents at Tranquility House.

Three Write-up Policy Before Asked To Leave

Living with other recovering addicts can be challenging. Residents have responsibilities to their house mates and chores to do around the house. Sometimes adjustments are difficult to make. If you are having trouble meeting expectations, we have a three write-up policy. That means you have plenty of opportunity to correct your behavior before being asked to leave. Unlike other places that just kick you out, we want to give you every opportunity to make sober living a success

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House Rules & Regulations

  1. The use or possession of alcohol and/or drugs is not permitted on or off the property. This will result in immediate expulsion from the property.
  2. The use or possession of any synthetic, or mind altering drug (over the counter or prescribed) on or off the property will result in immediate dismissal.
  3. Diet pills, laxatives and caffeine pills are not allowed.
  4. Abusing prescribed medication will be grounds for dismissal. Staff is allowed to count medications upon request.
  5. Acting out on any type of eating disorder and/or physically harming one’s self will not be tolerated on any level.
  6. Drug testing is mandatory. All tests will be supervised. If tenants request a second test, it will be given within the same hour and at the tenant’s expense of $25.
  7. A tenant coming from treatment will be required to comply with all discharge plans. This includes but is not limited to therapy and medications. – see attached med list.
  8. NO negative contracts. This is cause for immediate expulsion from property.
  9. Violence, expressed or implied, yelling (EVEN TO YOUR PARENTS), verbal threats, or physically acting out will not be tolerated.
  10. Anyone showing a difference in treatment or favor, or showing hatred towards another group, race, religion etc. will be expelled.
  11. Sexually acting out with any one or any sexual innuendos within the community is grounds for immediate expulsion.
  12. No pornography is allowed on property.
  13. Rooms, vehicles, personal property and/or persons may be randomly searched by manager for items that are not allowed on property.
  14. During your first 90 days you must attend at least (1) meeting per day. After 90 days, you are required to attend a minimum of (5) five meetings per week. Your presence in a meeting must be from prayer to prayer.
  15. The first 90 days of residency will require having a meeting sheet signed and is to be turned in at the Monday night house meeting.
  16. Active participation in a 12-step program with a sponsor is required. THIS IS NOT AN OPTION!
  17. Community meeting on Monday at 9pm is mandatory. Weekly rent is collected at this time. Please do not show up to the meeting without rent and meeting sheets.
  18. Every resident must work, volunteer, go to school or a combination of for at least 30 hours per week.
  19. Everyone must be dressed with their beds made and rooms cleaned by 9am Mon through Fri. (10 am on Saturday and Sunday) The only exception to this is for those who are full time employees and work evening shifts, you are allowed to sleep in until 10 through the week.
  20. Chores will be posted on Saturday. They are to be done by 10am through the week and 11am Sat and Sun. Your chore is yours for 2 weeks. If your chore is not done and/or your room is not clean, you will be on early curfew. No exceptions!
  21. When doing chores go by the guidelines written out and hanging by the chore list. Anyone who does not complete their chore exactly as it is written out will be asked to do it over.
  22. No dirty dishes are to be left anywhere, including the sink. They must be rinsed and put in the dishwasher. If dishwasher is full, wash, dry and put away the dishes yourself.
  23. Each person is responsible for their own personal cleanliness and the overall cleanliness of the house.
  24. Curfew is 11:30 thru the week and 1am on Fri and Sat. Curfews can and will be adjusted according to tenants’ progress.
  25. No talking on cell phones, texting or social networking after 1am. Must be in bed by 1:30am during the week.
  26. When you leave the house or go to bed at night always, ALWAYS lock the door and turn off lights/TV- Even when your roommate is there.
  27. When you go to bed at night all personal belongings must be taken to your room. Things left in common areas will be confiscated.
  28. There is NO sleeping on couches.
  29. FOOD: Do NOT eat in your room. Do NOT eat food or drink beverages that don’t belong to you. You cannot assume that doing so will not bother your housemate…. it will!
  30. A house manager must approve visitors before they arrive and NO visitors are ever permitted in your bedrooms.
  31. No males on property for any reason at any time.
  32. No lending or borrowing of money or vehicles within the community.
  33. Borrowing without permission is theft and it will not be tolerated.
  34. No e-cigarettes inside the house.
  35. Gainful employment does not include phone rooms unless it is a reputable company approved by Kandy prior to applying.


Pass Policy

Residents can receive one overnight pass per week if they have completed 30 days residency at Tranquility House. Passes are also contingent on the residents rent being currant, no major infractions of the rules, having a sponsor, working and chores done on a consistent basis.

Any extended passes, vacations, business trips, etc. will be approved on an individual basis.

Weeks start on Monday night and go through Sunday night. All passes must be approved at least 2 days in advance.


Visitor Policy

Visitors are welcome; however, the manager must approve all visitors and all visiting must
be done outside.

Sponsor, therapist and/or case managers are allowed in common areas within the house.

No visitors are allowed in sleeping areas.


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